Society 1 – Ink Deal with Crash Music Inc.

SOCIETY 1 have announced a worldwide deal with Crash Music Inc. First rising to notoriety in 1999 with its debut album, “Slacker Jesus”, earning massive press coverage through such media outlets as MTV, VH1, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver, and Kerrang!. Adding to the media frenzy was the fact that front man Matt Zane was an acclaimed porn director, gaining worldwide infamy for his “Backstage Sluts” series. The band released two albums on Earache Records, 2003’s “Exit Through Fear” and 2005’s “The Sound That Ends Creation”. Now free from Earache Records the band is ready for yet another run of pure hedonistic debauchery… and creating some new music as well.

Matt Zane comments “This band released its first record in 1999 and I can’t believe we are still making new music seven years later. I have so many friends that were signed out of the nu-metal scene back in the day that had their time and are now gone. I feel blessed that Crash is giving us the opportunity to keep going.”

Crash Music’s Mark Nawara says, “Matt Zane is an extraordinary talent and I believe has a very bright future ahead of him. We are very excited to be working with him and Society 1 and I look forward to it.

The first release of the deal will be “The Years Of Spiritual Dissent”, a two disc audio /DVD set, to be released early this fall, which consists of music off previous albums, “Slacker Jesus” and “Words As Carriers”. The two disc set also includes cover songs an unreleased track, and a documentary DVD.

The band is currently writing new music for a new album to be released in the near future. Matt Zane also host his own weekly radio show on the internet’s most notorious station, Radio Free Satan which an be heard on Tuesday nights at

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