Sonic Age Records – Announce Signing of Greek Metallers Exoristoi – License Agreement with Shark Records

SONIC AGE RECORDS, proudly announces the signing of the legendary Greek metal band, EXORISTOI. EXORISTOI is Greece’s most well known hard rock / heavy metal act, with a career spanning from the mid-80’s to the new millennium. They are the only band in the history of Greek heavy metal with a platinum selling record and various other awards. They’ve been recording for years for EMI RECORDS GREECE and now on the grounds of a new perspective for worldwide success, they decided to change the lyrics from Greek to English and come back with their heaviest and most epic material up to date.

The band is led by guitar mastermind, Demetrios Katis, a highly acclaimed composer and musician, who has also written music for various films, commercials etc. The line-up also consists of the great British singer, Stuart Cook, the Japanese drummer Masayuki Mizunuma, the Greek bass player Harris Geroulakis and the Cypriot keyboard player Vasos Vasileiou. A multi-national heavy metal act!

Their first album with SONIC AGE RECORDS, that will be entitled, “Wrath of Zeus”, will contain 8 songs in the classic epic hard rock / heavy metal tradition with a sound similar to the great British bands of the eighties like RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE, IRON MAIDEN coupled with a modern production and stylish lyrics. The album is scheduled for a late April, early May release and the band is currently in the studio recording the songs. The CD will also feature 2 video clips that are currently in the pre-production stage.

The tracklisting, in no particular order, is below:

1. Wrath of Zeus
2. Tomb of Doom
3. Seven Meanads
4. Book of Sorrows
5. Soak me to the skin
6. It Hurts me
7. Son of Heracles
8. Ronin

In other SONIC AGE RECORDS news, the label proudly announces the re-release of 10 heavy metal monuments from the golden 80’s and 90’s on CD, with bonus tracks, lyrics, photos and detailed biography. SHARK RECORDS originally released these albums on CD in Europe and most of them have now become hard to find collector’s items. Aside from the collector’s value, all these 10 albums, are top notch classic releases, loved by the majority of the metal fans. All these CD’s will be issued under the SONIC AGE RECORDS, sub-label, CULT METAL CLASSICS, whose re-issues are among the most deluxe and acclaimed in the collectors’ and metal fans’ fields.

The first 5 of these albums will be available in late May. They will be: TITAN FORCE – Same, TITAN FORCE – Winner / Loser, CEREBUS – Too Late to Pray, BRAINFEVER – Same and BRAINFEVER – Face to Face. The next 5, consisting of PHANTOM – Dead or Alive, PHANTOM – Same, PHANTOM – Cyberchrist, LIONS BREED – Damn the Night and WALLOP – Metallic Alps will be available by the end of July.

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