Angel Blake – Reveal Live Lineup – Message from Marko Tervonen (ex-The Crown)

Marko Tervonen ? guitarist and driving force behind ANGEL BLAKE ? has revealed the line-up for upcoming live shows and albums to come:

Tony Jelencovich – Vocals
Marko Tervonen – Guitars
Janne Saarenpää – Drums
Örjan Wressel – Contrabass
Christian Älvestam – Guitars

“I’m sure you’ll recognize some of the names. Janne, my old partner in crime
from THE CROWN days. I’m sure this living drummachine doesn’t need further introduction. It’s an honour to have you onboard homie! Tony, the man with the pipes from hell. He used to front Transport League and today uses Mnemic to exorcise the more aggressive demons. Christian, a long time friend, he’s also active in Scar Symmetry and Unmoored to name a few of his projects. A multi talented artist who will also deliver some backing vocals live. And then there’s Örjan Wressel – recognize the name? I thought you wouldn’t. Örjan has not been active as a musician in the metal scene before. ANGEL BLAKE will be his introduction to metal and all the madness that comes with it. Örjan takes care of the contrabass duties in AB + backing vocals. Should I mention how heavy a slightly distorted contrabass sounds? I can’t wait to go on stage to deliver some music with this very strong line-up, it’s gonna be totally awesome! Until then, all the best!”

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