SOiL – Guitarist Shaun Glass Blog Update – 2006 “A Big Year”

SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass has rung in the New Year and has offered the following 2006 update:

“well it is here 2006 adios 05 and what a year that was from the loss of friends/musicans (piggy, dime, and barry) which left me lost but also inspired my song writing in so many ways that only now i can clearly see/hear how much it affected me also the unstoppable SOiL picked a new home(D R T) for our new opus which is fuckin DONE and i must say all 12 of these songs just make me smile knowing what we created is surely something special and surely lays to waste any of our past offerings also 05 did bring us an amazing new FRONTMAN/VOXZ which was very much needed to grow on what we do all i can compare it to is when MAIDEN got bruce on number of the beast as we def got our bruce, 3rd album 2nd singer it’s all to similiar in soo many fuckin ways ! this all ties into touring which is what we do best LIVE music! but also i must admit home life aint too bad as i have gotten used to chilling here with michelle and angus(hop) and doing the daily things we do but i do crave to sweat,spit,bleed on stage and this uk tour should open it all up again on another note i hung with my bud dave from JUNGLE ROT tonite and got together wrote a song with him for there next album a just flat out heavy ass death core song ,this was a great vibe just throwing down some old school shit which i havent done since my days in BROKEN HOPE anyways i hope all get what they want in 2006 and i cant wait to let you hear the full new album as it TRUELY is a refined SOiL”

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