Karate High School – To Release Debut Album “Arcade Rock” in March

KARATE HIGH SCHOOL has painted an unusual musical landscape that stems from their love for classic video games. Formed in San Francisco, California by vocalist/keyboardist Paul McGuire, KARATE HIGH SCHOOL focuses on transporting the listener to a truck stop of a new dimension, a place where low-bit arcade systems collide with semi-trucks carrying loud orchestra hits and punishing guitar riffs. Keyboardist Ray Bautista, bassist Ken Kaiser, drummer Sean Martin and guitarist Gabe Ausiello round out the band. Their debut album, “Arcade Rock”, is set for release on March 21.

“We are all video game nerds, and that’s a big influence on our music,” says Bautista. Rather than citing bands as influences, KARATE HIGH SCHOOL draws more from “old school video games like Contra, Super Mario Brothers, Millipede, Tron and Paperboy.” Arcade Rock is not just the name of their debut album, but perhaps the best way to describe their musical approach. Combining traditional punk rock and post-hardcore sensibilities with the distinctive mark of a band brought up on Atari and Nintendo, Karate High School is indeed paving new ground. Arcade Rock was produced and recorded by Paul McGuire, mastered by Alan Douches and mixed by Drew Mazurek at HighView Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. The crisp production work results in an album full of infectious guitar hooks, a steady rhythm section and a one-two punch of melodic and abrasive vocal styles, all highlighted by a unique keyboard element that truly sets the band apart. This is well evidenced by the first single “Good News And Bad News,” an upbeat power punk anthem that sets the pace for the entire album.

Playing their customized keyboards, live samples, and crushing guitars with a manic, dizzying energy, KARATE HIGH SCHOOL is best experienced in the live setting. Known for their unpredictable onstage antics, the band always involves the crowd and inspires anthemic sing-alongs on their tours.

A track listing for “Arcade Rock” includes:

1.Good News And Bad News
2. Twice Upon A Time (110%)
3. 88 Million Light Years Away
4. Sweep The Leg
5. This Is The Soundtrack
6. Scenes Rushing By
7. Extra! Extra! (Hear All About It)
8. Another Day At The Office
9. Oh No
10. Smile, You’re On T.V.
11. The Joke Is On Us

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