Grade 8 – Planning 3rd Album, Land New Drummer, Planning Spring Tour

Ozzfest 2003 second stage alumns GRADE 8 have started work on their 3rd album. Keyboardist/programer Aaron Zilch, formerly of AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE had this to say:

“We are currently putting the finishing touches on demos for the first three new songs we have completed for our next record. i personally think that they are some of our best and we are only just getting started. I know some of you were less than blown away by “Resurrection” and that is not entirely surprising. It was a fetus. A beautifully twisted mutant fetus in a jar, but a fetus none the less. It was written and recorded within the first few months of us coming together and rushed into production for business reasons. But the new beast is a different matter. We have lived, fought, bled, struggled and strived together for over two years now. Side by side, pushing for acceleration in a retarded industry. Our presence in the shadows of the Temples of Vice has become so pervasive that it has spawned whole mythologies. We know each others strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit and compensate for them. We know how to wield a chain-saw to make you piss yourself. We know porn stars, biblically. We know that neither we, nor anyone else, really knows shit. But mostly, we know our demons and the fire in our bellies where they live. And we have a much cooler drummer now so…..yeah….. that helps.”

“keep an eye out cause these new tracks might just pop up for a limited time on our pages in the coming weeks.”

“It also seems like there is a very good chance of us mounting a major US tour this spring a so keep your fingers crossed.”

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