Chris Cafferey – Trans Siberian Orchestra Update

SAVATAGE/TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA guitarist Chris Caffery recently made a post at Metal Temple’s brand new Online Community, conerning his next solo album but also the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Here’s an excerpt from Caffery’s post:

“I am very excited for this CD [‘Pins And Needles’]. It is not going to be a ton of songs…it is just going to punch you in the face for about an hour! I have a few things left to write, but so far it is really shaping up to be a cool CD. My voice has come light years since WARPED and continues to develop daily. I think those of you that enjoyed the first CD’s may be really surprised when you hear this one.

Still no word on live shows in Greece…I am sure if you request it to enough people I will get there soon! In the meantime, enjoy the shows you see!

TSO is going back in the studio to finish ‘NightCastle’. It is the second non-holiday TSO CD and should be out in early 2006. A non-holiday TSO tour…the first will follow. There is talk about a few weeks of European dates!”

You can read the entire post here.

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