Cursed in Black – New Band Feat. John Chavez of Vehemence – Looking for Members, Logo

John Chavez guitarist of the recently disbanded VEHEMENCE from Metal Blade Records, has formed a new band dubbed CURSED IN BLACK, and is currently immersed in the writing process with band mates from the local Phoenix, Arizona scene. New music is expected to appear shortly on the band’s MySpace account.

Chavez states “The material will be ranging from all heavy spectrums of metal, death, black, punk, and thrash. It may seem like a VEHEMENCE continuation of sound and vibe, but not completely. This will be a unique band that will leave you headbanging! There will be displays of melodic aggression, skilled solos, experimental creativity, and will carry a wide vocal range diversity. I’m expecting to officially release a demo by March 2006 and tour non-stop after. Most importantly I am looking to secure the line up.”

“I’m looking for extraordinary dedicated musicians that can contribute to CURSED IN BLACK‘s sound with immense creativity. The myspace page has info on what this band is looking for. The writing process began shortly after the VEHEMENCE break up, some riffs have been carried on over from what was supposed to be new VEHEMENCE as well. I’d like to thank those who have came forward already about this member search, and I am already looking into several people as permanent additions to the line up. Hope to get some response from some quality people. Also, the band needs a band logo, so please send submissions to or the myspace account.”

“Thanks to everyone that supported VEHEMENCE and to those that said they would have faith that this new band will be spectacular and support this one as well.”

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